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Game Design & Research

  • Dartmouth College Class of 2020, studied Cognitive Science with an English minor

  • Skills: Unity, Maya, Python, Twine, Qualtrics, Audacity, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Intermediate French

  • Game design, level design, writing, sound-editing, and 3D modeling

Hello! I am Lindsay Kusnarowis, a UX developer, game designer, and researcher. Before I graduated from Dartmouth, I was a UX Developer at the Data Visualizations and Experiences Studio at Dartmouth College working on designing XR experiences and assisting with the development and launch of DEV Studio. During college, I studied Cognitive Science with a minor in English, and I had an interdisciplinary focus on the intersections between consciousness, media, and culture. 

My experience with game design when I started working at Professor Mary Flanagan's Tiltfactor game design and research lab my first year at Dartmouth. My skills and experience in game development include overall game design, level design, writing, sound-editing, and 3-D modeling. ​

I have extensive experience working on research studies in a variety of fields. At Tiltfactor, I coordinated psychology research studies on our games' capacities for social attitude change. I also performed space science NASA research, astrophysics NASA research, and sociology research on affect control theory in online communities. ​

Outside of work, I was the former President, Web Secretary and Alumni Chair of the Phi Tau Gender-Inclusive Greek House. In my role as President, I was the house's legal representative, manager of the other executive officers, and chair who presided over house meetings. 

Since I was six years old, I have been training in Ryukyu Kempo Karate under Certified Grandmaster Matt Brown, and I earned my first-degree black belt at age 16. I was a mentor for the Women in Science Project and Link Up organizations, and a participant in the Creative Gaming Club. I was a member of the Dartmouth Thought Project and the Political Economy Project.

My Linkedin profile is here.

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